Day 2: Weeds, Season 1, Disc 2

I had such good intentions yesterday, ya’ll.  I was going to come home from work, cook dinner, get a lil writing done, and settle in for some awesome movie from my Watch Instantly queue.  Instead, I got home and was informed by my Italian landlady that she was throwing an epic dinner party and making tons of food and that I was welcome to join in, and did I want a glass of wine?  Of course I did.  As it turned out, I wanted lots of glasses of wine, and lots of food as well.  I also apparently wanted to stay up until midnight giggling with her 24-year-old stepdaughter and making fun of one of the guests, who was a complete wanker.  I briefly considered refilling my coffee cup and putting on March of the Penguins when things finally wound down, but I vetoed that in favor of sleeping, which was probably wise since I’m kinda dragging this morning anyway.  But as promised, I deleted the above referenced disc from my queue anyway.  Hopefully there won’t be too many of these lame-ass non-posts in the future.

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